At Critters Aplenty we want you to know about all the best pet supplies available for taking the very best care of all your pets.

Things like: 

  • best foods and treats
  • crates, cages, tanks–whatever type of housing your pet needs
  • bedding, litter or substrates
  • cage accessories, heating, lighting and more
  • bedding, litter, substrates
  • toys, chewies, and decor
  • grooming supplies you can buy for your pet!

Our Goal

Our goal with Critters Aplenty is to bring you the very best pet supplies and products, so you can skip over all of the “less than ideal products” out there!

Remember, we have spent years trying out various products to make our pets’ care simple, efficient, enjoyable, and painless for all our pets!

Collectively, we have owned or cared for all kinds of pets and animals over the years. We have tried and used hundreds of different sorts of pet care products, amazing ones, and plenty that were not. This makes us at Critters Aplenty uniquely qualified to help you NOT make the same mistakes we did, and get the right stuff the first time, for small animals, reptiles, fish, birds, etc. that you’ll use and like.

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General Thoughts On Pet Supplies & Accessories

Did you know, that the most expensive pet supplies aren’t always the best choice?

Sometimes there are less expensive products or alternatives that do just as good a job as the more expensive one. However, there are times when it’s worth spending the extra money on a product when you know that it is of high-quality and has been tried by others and comes highly recommended.

Don’t worry. We want to make it easy and to help you figure out what the best products are for your pet when it’s okay to go with the less expensive alternative to save money and still take the best care of your pet.

We all want what’s best for our pets and finding the best quality pet supplies for the least amount of money, so that’s what we are trying to do here. We will help you figure out the pet supply industry and find the products that really work for your type of pet and the ones that don’t.

Closing Thoughts

*If you did not find what you are looking for here, check back often as we are always trying out new products and will update this page as we find new quality products for our pets.