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Do Rabbits Use Hammocks?

If you own a rabbit, especially a house bunny, you’ll know that choosing the right bed is essential. There are many different types of rabbit beds on the market, including hammocks. The right kind of bed for your rabbit will depend on its living arrangements and the individual rabbit’s personality. Some rabbits will be scared of moving beds, such as a hammock, and won’t willingly jump into one. Others can comfortably use a hammock.

Do Rabbits Use Hammocks to Sleep In?

Definitely! Although each bunny is an individual and has its own likes and dislikes. Some rabbits may enjoy hanging out in a hammock, while others may be scared to jump on to a moving bed. 

If you are thinking of buying a hammock for your rabbit, there are many things that you’ll need to consider first. This article will help you to decide whether or not your rabbit is likely to use a hammock. 

two adorable pet bunnies resting in a string hammock proving that rabbits do use hammocks.

Choosing a Rabbit Bed

The type of rabbit bed you choose will depend on whether your rabbit is free-range or in an enclosure or hutch. If you keep your rabbit in a cage, a bed with a house to hide in will make your rabbit feel safe and comfortable. Rabbits like to have hay to snuggle up to and chew on, so using either straw or hay in your rabbit’s hutch is a good idea. 

If you’ve chosen a new bed for your rabbit, whether a hammock or another type of bed, and it hasn’t been met with enthusiasm, you can try moving it to a new location. Sometimes rabbits are fussy creatures, and its not the new bed that they don’t like, but it’s location.

Will my rabbit sleep in a hammock? 

If you’re searching for a new rabbit bed, you may have noticed that some rabbits quite happily sleep in hammocks. Rabbits look very cute in hammocks, and you’ll likely be wondering whether your rabbit would use a hammock. 

Some rabbits like to sleep in hammocks; others are a bit scared to jump onto a moving surface at first, but with some encouragement will get used to it. Some rabbits don’t like hammocks and will chew at it. 

Attaching a Hammock

There are several different versions of the rabbit hammock available from pet shops and online. Some hammocks are designed to be attached to the corner of a hutch or cage. While others look like a table with a hammock underneath, if you choose a hammock that has a mini table, this will mean that your rabbit can sit on top of the table or underneath in the hammock. 

Some hammocks have a built-in metal frame and look just like a hammock for humans. These hammocks are sturdy, low to the grown and easy for rabbits to get in and out of, they are also independent of the pen walls. 

Most hammocks come with hooks that allow you to fasten it to a hutch or frame. Some hammocks come with strings for attaching it to the frame, although they can be more easily chewed and broken by the rabbit.

The Benefits of a Rabbit Hammock

Rabbit hammocks come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for large, medium or small rabbit breeds. They are versatile and can be assembled in a variety of locations. 

A rabbit hammock is cozy and comfortable; it has a cradle made from a soft, warm material. The material will mold to the shape of the rabbit’s body, allowing it to lay down comfortably. Hammocks are also very easy to keep clean, and most can be washed in the washing machine. 

Some rabbits also like to play in hammocks, and they can be used to extend their living environments and enrich their lives. Your rabbit will be able to increase their activity by jumping in and out of the hammock. Its fun to play with your rabbit in a hammock. Hammocks can be used as an interactive toy, and make an excellent place for your bunny to have a nap. Rabbits can also go underneath the hammock, using it as a tunnel. 

Should I avoid Hammocks if my rabbit likes to chew? 

If your rabbit regularly chews on things, especially if he likes to eat the carpet or other materials, it’s probably best to avoid getting a hammock. Rabbits are all different and have their own quirks. Some rabbits will chew things while others only chew on wood. 

If you have a rabbit that’s prone to chewing on fabric, it’s best not to get a hammock. Your rabbit will not only ruin the hammock but could swallow material, which may cause intestinal blockages. If your rabbit doesn’t usually chew on fabric, then you may like to buy a hammock. However, you should keep an eye on your rabbit and remove the bed if they start chewing on it. 


Some rabbits will sleep in hammocks, and others are scared of moving surfaces; it all depends on your rabbit’s personality. Many rabbits who are timid at first will get used to a hammock after putting them in it a few times. 

You may want to put a clean cloth over the hammock so that you can return it to the pet shop if your rabbit doesn’t like it. Ensure that you keep all the packaging and return it in its original condition if you are going to do this. 

If your rabbit isn’t very enthusiastic at first, you may like to try putting some straw or hay into the hammock. This will make it look and smell more familiar and may encourage your rabbit to get into the hammock. 

If your rabbit shreds fabric, you could choose to invest in a hammock style shelf, which is made of slats of wood instead of fabric or this cool wooden stick bed from Amazon. This can be attached to the sides of your rabbits’ hutch and create an additional sleeping space—most rabbits like cages or hutches have different layers that allow them to explore. 

Hammocks are also popular with other small mammals such as hamsters, chinchillas, and ferrets. Cats can even use larger hammocks. 

Silly ferret hanging out of hammock | Silly cat in the ferret’s hammock

Related Questions

Do rabbits like blankets?

Most rabbits like soft blankets as this allows them to snuggle, which is especially useful if the weather is cold. However, they do also like hay or straw, and this is more natural bedding for them. Some rabbits also like to play with blankets and may roll around. Choosing a thick and soft blanket will help keep your rabbit warm and allow them to get a good night’s sleep. 

Blankets made from a soft fleece fabric are perfect for rabbits to use as they are warm and don’t have seams. You should avoid using a blanket that has small holes, as these could be dangerous. Rabbits have small paws that could get stuck in the holes, causing stress and injury. 

It’s important to monitor your rabbit when you first give it a blanket as it may start to chew it, which can cause choking and internal blockages. 

Can my rabbit sleep with me?

It’s not recommended that you sleep with your rabbit. You may roll over and squash your rabbit in the night. Rabbits are also prone to peeing the bed, or they may get up in the night and fall off your bed and injure themselves. Another problem is that they could chew the electrical cables in your bedroom during the night. 

While sleeping with your bunny is often not recommended, some rabbit owners who free roam their bunnies claim that their rabbits do sleep with them. If you can ensure that your room is bunny proofed and that your rabbit is trained to use a litter box so that you can avoid accidents in the room or bed during the night, sleeping with your bunny is a possibility.

Do rabbits like to sleep together?

It’s best to keep two or more rabbits together as they will keep each other warm by snuggling together at night. You can either buy two rabbits together from the same litter or introduce older rabbits to each other. If you are introducing rabbits, you’ll want to make sure that they are well bonded and not likely to fight before you leave them alone and let them sleep together. 

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