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Do Rabbits Need A Litter Box?

If you have a rabbit, you might be wondering, “Do rabbits need a litter box?” There are plenty of pros and cons to training your rabbit, and it might be something you should look into extensively. Luckily you found us. In this article, we are going to answer all of your rabbit litter training questions.

Do Rabbits Need A Litter Box?

Technically no, rabbits don’t need to have a litter box. However, having one will make your job easier as a pet owner. Cage cleaning is much easier when you litter train your bunny. And if you have a ‘house bunny’ litter box training is crucial to keeping a clean home environment for all.

If you don’t litter train your rabbits, their cages can get dirty quickly. And it will be harder to keep up with if you have more than one. If that doesn’t convince you, let’s talk about some pros and cons of litter training.

Pros Of Litter Training

Cleaner Cage

We briefly mentioned this before, but let’s expand on this subject. A rabbit’s health is directly correlated with clean living conditions. If your rabbit is in unsanitary areas, they are more prone to parasites and upper respiratory infections. Urine contains a high amount of ammonia that can burn your rabbit’s nose and lungs if not cleaned enough. It can also cause things like bumblefoot from the bacteria that can grow in feces and urine. And if feces are left, they can start developing bacteria and attract parasites.

Rabbits also have a digestive tract called hindgut fermentation. This hindgut means that rabbits eat their softer poop called cecotropes in a process called coprophagy. If poop is left out and a parasite enters it, your rabbit will then eat it along with the poop.

So keeping a cleaner living environment is crucial for a rabbit’s health. Otherwise, you might be spending more on medical bills than you would in the litter.

Easy To Clean

Because your rabbit will be using a litter box, it will cut your cleaning time in half. You will just have to replace the litter daily. And on larger deep clean days, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning urine stains. Shorter cleaning times means more fun with your bunnies.


If you have indoor rabbits, free-roaming without being litter trained could get messy. But if you have litter trained your rabbits, they will know to go back to their cage to go to the bathroom. You might have a few accidents here and there. But for the most part, you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining your floors.

All Rabbits Can

If you adopted an older rabbit, you might be thinking that litter training is impossible. But rabbits of any age can potty train. Some owners even claim that training an older rabbit is easier than a young one. Even a handicapped rabbit can be litter trained with little trouble. Some might be difficult, but they eventually get it.

Controls Odors

The best part of keeping your rabbit litter box trained is that it reduced smells. You could have several rabbits in the home and not be able to smell a thing if taken care of. No odors are excellent for you and your rabbits. You won’t have to be embarrassed by the smell when people come to visit. And it is better for you and your rabbit’s lungs.

Keeps Rabbits Clean

And finally, litter training your rabbit helps keep them clean. Rabbits don’t care if they stomp through their feces and getting nasty, but you do. Litter training your rabbit will help keep their fur clean and smelling nice. And it would mean fewer baths, which they don’t care for anyway. You will enjoy cuddling your rabbit without worrying about if they are clean or not.

Cons Of Litter Training

Spaying & Neutering

For litter training to be successful, you will need to fix your rabbit first. Spaying and neutering your rabbit is a widespread practice, but it does have some complications. First, you will need to find a specialty vet to do this. Just because your vet seeing rabbits and has general knowledge doesn’t always mean that they can perform this surgery. And the next thing you will need is the funds to do so. The average cost of spaying and neutering a rabbit is $250. Sometimes you might get lucky and find a rescue group or low-cost clinic that can do them for cheaper.

The reason you will need to fix your rabbit for litter training is that rabbits are notorious markers. Males are known to spray to mark their territory, and they can do so from very far distances. You can’t potty train a rabbit that loves to mark your house when out free-roaming. Neutering them will calm them and help them not be so territorial of their homes.

Stubborn Bunnies

Occasionally, you might run into a stubborn bunny. It can take weeks to litter train, a rabbit who is being difficult. But if you are persistent and keep on them, they will learn. It might be tempting to give up, but you might have to change the way you do things to succeed. Some rabbits are stubborn because they don’t like the litter box or the litter itself. So if you play around a little, you might find something that they want more.

Extra Cost

Litter training your rabbit might add a little to your monthly cost of keeping a rabbit. But the price is minimal and doable for most people. Litter can be very cheap if your rabbit doesn’t have a preference on the type.

What About Outdoor Rabbits?

Outdoor rabbits benefit from litter training, just like indoor rabbits. They have the same pros and cons, and you can litter train them in the same ways. Litter training will keep their hutch nice and clean so that you won’t have to scrub it out. Potty training your outdoor rabbits can also help preserve the life of your hutch. Litter training outdoor rabbits can have a few hurdles to overcome, but it is possible. We will talk more in-depth about how to do this later.

Our Verdict

Do rabbits need a litter box? We don’t see why not. There are so many pros to litter training your bunnies. And these pros definitely outweigh the cons, in our opinion.

Related Questions

Do rabbits need hay in their litter box?

Rabbits often eat while doing their business. Placing your bunny’s hay near your litter box (either in a combination hay feed/litter box or hanging a hay feeder above your litter box) is a great way to get your rabbit to use the litter box more often. Many higher-end or custom made litter boxes for rabbits come with a hay rack attached.

Do rabbits sleep in their litter box?

Many rabbits sleep in their litter box. A clean litter box with hay nearby seems like an excellent place for a nap, especially if the rabbits are young. It doesn’t matter whether your rabbit is actually eliminating in the box or simply sitting in it; the more time your rabbit spends in the litter box, the more accustomed to using the litter box.

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